Greek Getaway – Greece Inspired Wedding

Get inspired by the gorgeous Greek style weddings. Think white washed houses with the sun shining above as you leave the church woman and man with rice thrown over you as a sign of fertility and prosperity.



1. Many traditional Greek brides wear Greek lace white wedding dresses, they adorn their heads with golden crowns too. (Claire Pettibone)

2. Pair with a Chrysanthemum bouquet, a Greek originating flower. (Style Me Pretty)

3. When you walk out of the church as a married woman, have guests throw rice over you and your husband as you walk out as a married couple for the first time. (Weddings Blog)

4. At the wedding reception, fill the tables with food. The Greeks are known for their love of good food. (The Broke-A** Bride)

5. Start off the meal with bread and olive oil. Instead of a traditional three course meal, have a buffet Greek style. Guests can choose between feta cheese and ham, traditional Greek salad with lots of tomatoes, cucumber, olives and feta cheese. (badSENTENIAL)

6. After the meal, guests can take part in the tradition of plate smashing. The smashing of the plates is joyful and can ward away evil spirits. (Brides Up North)

Grab a glass of champagne and cheer “Opa!” to the happy couple.

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