Golden Dreams

Cream and gold is one of the most classic colour combinations. It exudes luxury and glamour. Use this colour palette for your wedding day.


1. Brides can still wear traditional white but add a splash of gold by adding a bow or sash, you can even combine the two colours by adding a gold corset to a white flowing skirt. (Pinterest)

2. Bridesmaids can wear short golden lace dresses or skater dresses. (Sherri Hill)

3. For the table decorations, use a cream and gold table runner. (Burlap Crazy)

4. Add a touch of luxury by adding gold cutlery for your guests. (Pinterest)

5. Add a teapot of freshly brewed tea so your guests can quench their thirst with a cup of afternoon tea. (Etsy)

6. Instead of using long candles, use small candles in golden candle holders for a more personal touch. (Part Ease)

7. For the wedding photography, place disposable cameras in the centre of the table so guests can take their own photos of your big day. (Little Things Favors)

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