Free Spirit – Hippie Inspired Wedding

Get inspired by the hippy movement for your wedding day, give your guests some peace and love. Throw your big day outside and celebrate nature as well as your commitment to each other.


1. Brides wear long maxi style wedding dresses, white of course. (Etsy)

2. Accessories are optional but pair your dress with a white bouquet. (Style Me Pretty)

3. As well as carrying flowers, weave them through your hair to complete the look. (Pinterest)

4. Make-up should be natural, not too much eyeshadow, eyeliner or lipstick. The hippies often went for a natural look. (All Women Stalk)

5. Instead of wearing shoes, also wear flowers on your feet in a anklet style with a tie around your toes. (Etsy)

6. As for the location, you can have the wedding indoors or outdoors. But, as the hippies often celebrated nature I have focused this blog for outside. However, you can quite easily just change the location. (The Yes Girl)

7. Decorate the wedding reception with rows of flowers and cloth for a more handmade and personal touch. (Style Me Pretty)

8. Add coloured glasses for a explosion of colour at your tables. Also, recycle old glass vases by adding a flower, this would make a great table centrepiece. This would add more colour to your tables and would make a great conversation starter for your guests. (Wedding Chicks)

9. When the wedding day is over, celebrate your first night together as man and woman by putting up a tipi and camping overnight. You can fall asleep under the stars and wish upon a falling star. (B. Lovely Events)

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