Decorative Art Deco – Jewellery inspiration

The 1920’s were a decade of decadence and delight. The decade will forever be remembered for the art and design movement called ‘Art Deco’ and the great American novel The Great Gatsby, that was recently released in the cinemas. The women showed off their wealth with pearls and emeralds that sparkled just like the champagne that they drank.



1. Brides, time travel back to the roaring twenties by adorning yourself in pearls, wear pearl necklaces, beautiful bracelets and earrings. Wear a pearl headpiece to complete the look. (Etsy)

2. As the famous Marilyn Monroe song goes ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, so decorate yourself in rubies, pearls and emeralds. (Style Me Pretty)

3. Contrast the pure white of your wedding dress with a darker iridescent emerald and ruby ring. (Etsy)

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