A Touch of the Orient – Japanese Inspired Wedding Theme

This weeks blog is going to focus on Japanese style weddings and how you can add a touch of the orient to your wedding. I’m not suggesting that you both wear a traditional kimono and do as the Romans would do, but just embrace a few of the ideas.

For example, Japanese weddings are good for autumn weddings because the day doesn’t need to depend on the weather. Bamboo is good for a sunny, cloudy or even rainy day.



1. Brides, you don’t have to wear traditional Shinto kimono on your big day. Many modern day Japanese weddings are more influenced by western church services. However, some brides still wear a traditional red kimono on their wedding day. (Wedding Inspirasi)

2. Add a umbrella too for a more Japanese touch. (United With Love)

3. The colour red signifies good luck, although for many Japanese celebrations people tend to wear red. (Rustic Wedding Chic)

4. For the table centrepiece, use a long thin red flower in a pot for a splash of colour. (Red Online)

5. If you are lucky to have your wedding on a sunny day, give each guest a fan to cool themselves down with. (Pinterest)

6. For the wedding invitations, use origami inspired animals and figures. This will add a personal touch. (Flickr)


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